Goodbye Michael Scott

mayo 2, 2011

The Office - S7E22

La intuición del cómico llega a lo más profundo de una situación humana, con una precisión y una velocidad inalcanzable para cualquier otro medio. Un gran actor cómico realzará la obra con una inflexión de voz tan diestra como el movimiento de muñeca de un maestro de esgrima.

S.N. Behrman (extracto de “Groucho y Yo”, Groucho Marx)

Because I think that today was about just having today. And I think that we are one of those couples with a long story, when people ask how we found each other I will see her, every now and then, and, maybe one year she’ll be with somebody and the next year I’ll be with somebody. And it’s going to take a long time… and then it’s perfect. I’m in no rush.

Michael Scott

The Office - S5E26

You have new music?

abril 11, 2010

Yeah, definitely.

The Office S2E07 (Greg Daniels)

Baby, there’s something going on today
But I say nothing, nothing, nothing,
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing…

Travis – Sing (The invisible Band, 2001)